Ellan Vannin Home offers affordable support for those finding it difficult to cope at home
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Our Ethos

We believe it’s important you feel the Home meets your needs and requirements and your families are confident their loved ones are safe and well cared for.

We strive to maintain the highest standards of care and cleanliness to ensure our residents are part of a happy, healthy and stimulating community.

We aim to ensure our residents’ privacy and dignity is maintained at all times and that sensitive situations are always dealt with in a respectful manner.

Statement of Purpose

At Ellan Vannin Home we strive to give our residents the high standard of life they deserve.

We do this by following the code of practice below:
✓  We provide a secure, stable and supportive environment to ensure each resident is as happy and contented as possible in respect of their physical, intellectual and social needs.
✓  We maintain the dignity and self-respect of residents at all times irrespective of any disability or frailty.
✓  We preserve every resident’s right to self-determination and personal freedom of choice, especially in relation to clothes, diet and activities.
✓ We encourage all our residents to maintain their independence and care for themselves as far as they are willing and able. We honour each resident’s right to privacy.
✓  We ensure residents are consulted on matters that affect them and encourage their suggestions and participation in decision making.
✓  We maintain each resident’s right of choice for doctor, dentist, optician, chiropodist etc, wherever possible.
✓  We preserve every resident’s right to maintain social connections within and outside the Home.
✓  We encourage residents to invite family and friends into the Home and to enjoy the freedom to go out whenever they wish.
✓  We respect each resident’s individuality in respect of their political, religious, sexual and emotional needs, beliefs and opinions.

Complaints Procedure

Complaints are rare but if they do arise we try to address your concerns immediately.

We have a well established Complaints and Concerns procedure to ensure that any complaint is promptly and fairly investigated. Copies of this procedure are readily available, on request.

In the first instance we would ask you to make your concern known to the Home’s Registered Manager or Deputy Manager. If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction you can contact the Registration and Inspection Unit at the Department of Health and Social Care, St George’s Court, Hill Street, Douglas where an RIU Officer will guide you through the complaints process.
The Home is a registered Manx Charity administered by a Board of Directors who are responsible for ensuring good management.

The current Directors are: Mrs T M Lomax MBE (Chair), J P Coldwell, Mrs S Harper, Rev. Liz Hull, Steven Herron.
Ellan Vannin Home is a registered Manx Charity No.48A and receives no government funding. 

Donations, fundraising and legacies are always welcome. 
Ellan Vannin Home Limited: IOM Registered No.067129C and IOM Registered Charity No.48A